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Monster Ride Trucks List

East Coast Area Ride Trucks
Cadiac Arrest - PA Eradicator Ride Truck - PA
The Extinguisher - CT Gravedigger Ride Truck
High Intensity™ - NY Jersey Devil - Wildwood, NJ
Monster Ride Truck - MI Nine One One - Del
Shake-A-Paw - NJ Sheriff - Wildwood, NJ
Shocker - NJ Sidewinder - CT
Timber Wolf - PA Wildfire - MASS
The Wizard - PA Virginia Giant Ride Truck - VA
War Wizard Ridetruck - Piney, TN Monster Patrol - MD

Southern Area Ride Trucks
www.Monster Truck Rides
Crypt Keeper Ride Truck - FL Energizer - NC
Category 5 - LA Voodoo Monster - LA
Equalizer - TN Extreme Overkill - NC
Sudden Impact - LA
Extreme Team - NC Limonator - FL
Red Dog - FL Ultimate Warrior - NC
Undertaker - FL Wolverine - KY

Tower Ranger Ride Truck - Meridian, MS

Mid West Region Ride Trucks
American Ride - Green Bay, Wi. Bigfoot - MO
Desperado Fatal Tracktion - MO
General Hazzard - Bradford, IL Hot Roller - Peoria, IL
Safarifoot - MO Slightly Altered - Aledo, IL
Snake Bite - MO White Knight - MI
The_Mean_Machine - ARK.

Western States Ride Trucks
Thumper - Idaho Falls, ID The Newer White Knight - CO
C. R. Outlaw - Wichita, KS

Southwest Ride Trucks
Mardi Gras Monster - AZ. Mardi Gras Monster - Don's Monsters Inc. - (Iowa)
Monster Zone Shuttle - AZ Purple Thunder Dallas - TX.

West Coast Region Ride Trucks
American Thunder - OR Fun Bus - WA.
High Roller Ride Truck - CAL. Super Bus - CAL.
White Lightning Monster Ride Truck - Bellingham, Wa.

Denali Sightseeing Safaris' Gentle Giant! Denali Sightseeing Safaris' "The Boss"!
Denali Sightseeing Safaris' Big Green - The Cruising Machine!

Duck Tours Hawaii

This isn't a Monster Truck but a "DUKW" was based on as 2.5 ton military truck chassis.
It's a amphibious vehicle (boat/truck) and it looks like a lot of fun!

Eastern Canada Ride Trucks
Bucking Bronco
Ontario, Canada

Western Canada Ride Trucks
Brett `Hitman' Hart
Sask., Canada
Grim Reaper Ride Truck
Manitoba, Canada
Chevy Thunder Ride Truck
Sask., Canada
Canadian Predator
Sask., Canada
Calgary, AB
Langley, B.C. Canada

Dominican Republic
Monster Truck Safari
Well, it ain't exactly a Monster Truck but it is a ride truck and looks like a lot of fun!
Site is in the German (Dutch?) Language or something.

Unknown or Unsorted Ride Trucks
Auto Mauler - IND Bad Boy - MI
Bad Dog Ride Truck - Ind Bush Hog - MI
Excaliber Ride - MI Excalibur Cruiser - MI
Firebusters - UT Grave Digger's Boneyard Shuttle - AZ
Hill Billy Express - UT Hulk - Minnesota
Komp Ride Van - ??????????? Kool Bus - AZ?
Livin' It Up - NE Maximum OverRide
Phantom Krusher- Ind Predator - MI
Pure Pride - Ind Ride Dog - IND
Small Change - IL Stage Coach - UT
Tombstone Ride Truck - NV Ultimate Ride - WI
Undertaker's Last Ride - MI WWF Racing Attitude Ride Truck
The Warlock Monster Ride Truck!


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